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Aaron & Melissa

Background On Relationship

Melissa Steeber and Aaron Steffen became acquainted through knowing mutual friends. Being out of high school, the “high school rivalries” didn’t exist anymore and it was “acceptable” for a Lincoln High School graduate to hang out with a Two Rivers High School graduate. They both ended up attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where they became better friends the more they hung out and got to know each other. Both were in or had been in a relationship that for one reason or another, didn’t work out, but ultimately led to Melissa and Aaron having room in their hearts for each other.

After taking things slow and hanging out a lot, Melissa and Aaron went down to Chicago for a weekend getaway with another couple. On April 7th, 2011, Aaron finally asked Melissa to be his girlfriend. She said yes, but in a little more than a month, Aaron was going to be graduating from college and Melissa had one more year of school left. This worried both of them and dealing with the long-distance relationship which neither of them ever experienced, and if they could make it work and if it was even worth it to try. After a lot of conversation and a lot of convincing, reassuring and dedication to the relationship, they agreed that they would be more miserable being without the other person than they would be being away from them for a year while Melissa was still at school.

The distance and not being able to see each other whenever they wanted was tough, but they did whatever it took to see each other on the weekends as much as possible. The year went fast and in late April of 2012, Melissa and Aaron moved into their first apartment in Green Bay, Wisconsin together where they still call home to this day.

The Proposal

Melissa and I had been talking about getting engaged, a wedding, a honeymoon and everything that goes with it for a while. As each holiday, or special day would pass (Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Dating Anniversary, etc) and an engagement ring was not one of the gifts, I could feel a sense of disappointment from Melissa, even though she told me she wasn’t at all. We knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of when I would “man up” and go in and get the ring. And I always told her that it wasn’t going to be on a day she would expect it, but on a day that would surprise her and be the last thing she would think would happen that day.

There were some unfortunate events that happened along the way with some of our family members. Bad health and old age lead to a few very important people in our families having to leave us too soon here on this Earth. One day, these events set in and everything just hit me like a ton a bricks. “I know this is the girl I want to be with forever, so what am I waiting for? Family members are leaving us and not going to be a part of this celebration of our relationship, of our love, and I don’t want that to happen anymore,” is what I would constantly think about. Although I wish those family members didn’t have to leave us for me to realize it was the right time to do this, it ended up being that way.

Now how was I going to get to a jewelry store and pick out a ring without Melissa knowing. She is very nosey and doesn’t really likes surprises. She would rather just know what is going on and told me many times that she just wants to know when I was going to propose. But even I didn’t know that.

I finally found the perfect day to get to the jewelry store without her knowing. My car needed an oil change, so I took a Friday off of work and while my car was getting done, I went across the street to Rummele’s with all intentions of buying an engagement ring. I worked with Steve, and he brought out a handful of rings that I wanted to look at, and then a ring that he thought that I might I like based on the others that I wanted to see. Looking at those rings was a very powerful moment for me. I needed to find a ring that I loved, that Melissa would love, and also be different so that she wouldn’t see her ring on someone else’s finger. It’s not like I could buy one ring and then return it if she didn’t like it. This was a representation of our love and relationship that would be on her finger FOREVER. That forever word was all wrapped up in that tiny ring that was in my sweaty, trembling hands and magnified the situation so much more than I even imagined.

The next Sunday, April 21st, I had the ring in my pocket with no plan in mind as to when or how I was going to get down on my knee. I had some plans for a few weeks in the future, but like I heard from many people, once the ring is in your pocket, you want to get it out and on her finger as soon as possible. And it wasn’t any different for me. Melissa didn’t feel very well that day and after eating, she laid down on the couch and slept from 5pm until I woke her up at 7pm and said, “We are both tired, so let’s just go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.”

Melissa looked like a walking, tired, zombie, I thought I might just wait until the next day when she was more alert. But nope, that was the perfect “surprise moment” that she didn’t want. With her back to me, doing something with a shirt she just took out of the dryer, I got the ring out and got down on my knee.

“Before we go to bed, I want to ask you a question,” I said.
“Yeah?,” she replied, with her back still turned to me.
“Mel…” I said.
“What?,” she responded. Back still turned to me.
“Mel…” I said again.
“What?,” she responded again. I could tell she was getting annoyed a little.
“Mel, turn around,” I finally said.
She finally turned around. “Will you marry me?,” I asked.
Once she realized what was going on, she dropped the shirt she was holding, her eyes got wide, her mouth dropped and she asked, “are you serious? YES!!! Of course I will marry you!”

I slipped the ring on her finger. We admired the ring that would symbolize our marriage for the rest of our lives. I finally got off my knee and stopped shaking. We ended up not getting to bed at seven like we expected, but rather at 10 after all of the phone calls, texts and social media messages that we were getting after telling people what just happened. It was an unexpected surprise and a great way to move on to the next stage in our relationship. And the rest is history.

Alex & Elizabeth

Alex and Elizabeth began dating their senior year at Roncalli High School in Manitowoc. A few weeks before the senior homecoming dance, their mutual friends set them up to attend homecoming together. Surprisingly, they never really talked before this (even though they were only two lockers apart all four years). Alex played on the varsity football team and Elizabeth was on the dance team. She was given his jersey to wear for the homecoming football game. They attended homecoming together and started dating a week later—on October 23, 2006.

Before they started dating that Fall, Elizabeth and Alex decided they were both attending St. Norbert College in De Pere. As it turns out, that summer before, Alex and Elizabeth were in the same tour group at St. Norbert College. Alex was wearing a Roncalli High School polo shirt and Elizabeth’s mom asked, “Do you know that boy?” Elizabeth said “not really”.  

Alex and Elizabeth began their journey at St. Norbert College. Freshman year, Alex joined a fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and Elizabeth joined a sorority, Kappa Beta Gamma. Throughout college they would attend fraternity and sorority functions where they had many mutual friends, many of whom are now in the wedding party. Junior year of college, Alex studied abroad for six months in Marburg, Germany where Elizabeth had an opportunity to visit for two weeks with Alex’s parents. They both graduated from St. Norbert College in May 2011 where Alex received degrees in Business Administration and German. Elizabeth received a degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Communications.

After graduation, Alex and Elizabeth returned to the lakeshore area where they both began their careers. Alex is employed as a Real Estate Developer at Terex Development in Manitowoc and Elizabeth is employed at David's House of Travel in Manitowoc.

About a year and a half later Alex finally proposed! One weekend, the couple went up to Alex’s parent’s cottage in Door County with their new Goldendoodle puppy, Riley, who they got that same week. Alex insisted that Elizabeth take a half-day off of work. Elizabeth didn’t understand why, so she never took off early (it turns out Alex wanted to get to Door County before the sunset). They finally arrived at the cottage and made a spaghetti dinner. During dinner, Elizabeth thought it was strange that Alex didn’t want second helpings, and after eating, Alex didn’t want to clean up and do dishes right away, which was unusual. Instead, he insisted that they take a walk down by the waterfront. It was a cool night, so Elizabeth refused to go outside and sat down on the couch. Alex went outside and Elizabeth reluctantly joined him. As soon as they got down by the water Elizabeth suggested they go inside since it was chilly. Alex pulled her arm to come back, got down on one knee and proposed at sunset.

Andrew & Katelyn

Andrew and Katelyn's love story began over 7 years ago, when they were only 15 years old. The love story started on a Friday night when all the football players sat around a bonfire at Andrew's house. Katelyn was having a girl's night, but it got interrupted with an invitation to join the bonfire. The girl's decided it would be fun to wear crazy clothes to the bonfire. Andrew began flirting with Katelyn despite the blue sunglasses, Dallas Cowboys jersey, blue tie-died shirt, and crazy dance moves! The next day Katelyn and Andrew saw each other in the Mishicot High School weight room. Katelyn made the first move by suggesting they should hang out again, but Andrew sprinted to get the pen and paper to get Katelyn's number. Andrew called Katelyn that afternoon for their first date, miniature golfing.

After dating for 7 years and having experienced a long distance relationship for over 4 of those years, they have grown together through their faith, dreams, and values. Andrew proposed to Katelyn after reenacting their first date at the miniature golf course and walking on the beach.

Stefano & Jessica

Our love story differs depending on which one of us is asked. But, here is the sweet and short version according to the bride (who of course will always be right for the rest of the groom's life).

We met at a local establishment that I worked for and he showed up every week with stars in his eyes. While he states I chased him in the parking lot with my number-my version is that I was just trying to make his big-ego friend jealous that was also showing interest. Either way, Stefano was patiently persistent in his pursuit for my love and it paid off...obviously. He now says it was all part of his "master plan". We dated for a year and little did I expect what was going to happen next! Well- after I accidently got in a minor accident (only a few thousand dollars worth of damage...minor right?!) with his brand new Cadillac and me crying feeling like the most horrible person on Earth, he got down on his knee and purposed! I was no longer sure if I was crying because of the damage I did to his vehicle or because he just asked me to marry him. Stefano says he didn't know how to make me stop crying so that's why he proposed at that moment. In my opinion, he was just trying to guarantee a "Yes" knowing I was very vulnerable at the time. Not exactly the way I always imagined how my proposal would play out when I fantasied about it as a young girl-but for sure one to remember! Even though our version of our love story differs a little bit from one another; the one thing we for sure agree on is the fantastic quality and how magnificent and beautiful our rings we purchased from Rummeles are! Thank you Rummeles for being part of our love story!

Jon & Jodi

4 years ago I was bar tending my way through college at TimeOut Sports Bar and Grill. One of our mutual friends was playing a show. I was Jodi's server. She ordered a pretzel and endless waters. I was teasing her for not ordering a beer and for being cheap. (I wanted a bigger tip) She finally left and I asked our mutual friend for her number. We began talking on the phone for a couple hours a day and decided to go on a date. Our first date was at Applebee's (her choice) we had a good conversation but it was awkward. Our second date wasn't much better. She gave me a third chance and I did what any respectable man would do if he had one last chance...I brought her Taco Bell. We fell in love shortly after that.

We dated for 3 years and fell in love more and more everyday. After years of praying and discerning I decided I was called to marry my best friend. I went to Rummele's to search for a ring and I found the one she had described so many times. I took her to Chicago to propose and she had no idea what was coming. I proposed next to Buckingham fountain while my brother and his friend secretly filmed and photographed the entire event. She said yes. We are getting married on Friday September 13th in Manitowoc. We look forward to the rest of our lives together growing closer to God everyday and watching the Lions win Super Bowls.

Dan & Andrea

We first met when we started high school at Manitowoc Lutheran High School. Although just good friends at first, we started dating our sophomore year. After graduating high school, we chose to attend different colleges, but stuck together through it all. Upon earning our degrees, we both established careers in our hometown and continued to date. After six and a half years of dating, in the comfort of our "soon to be" home, Dan got down on one knee and popped the question. A resounding "yes, finally" could be heard! After months of planning, on Nov. 3rd, 2012, we stood before our friends and family and said "I do." We have been blessed to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and look forward to many more. The rest is history in the making!

We would really like to thank Rummele's Fine Jewelry of Manitowoc for making certain steps in our journey so easy. From engagement ring to weddings bands, to engravings, to occasional polishes, Rummele's has been very helpful and accomodating to our needs!

Justin & Amy

How We Met

It was the fall of 2011 when Justin and I first met. Justin was in college working on his Environmental Science degree and I was just entering my last semester of student teaching. Justin and I first met playing sand volleyball. A mutual friend had asked us to be on the same volleyball team and we ended up being next to each other in the lineup. Since we were playing volleyball each week we had many opportunities to hang out . We found we had a lot in common and we decided to start dating.


It was the weekend of March 15, 2014 when Justin and I decided that we wanted to make a trip up to the Apostle Island Sea Caves. We have always loved the outdoors, engaging in activities such as checking out waterfalls, beaches, hiking, etc. When we finally had a free weekend to get up there it was the last weekend the caves were going to be open before closing them down due to rising temperatures. Now since we had such a long winter, it wasn’t something that I absolutely felt I had to do; but knew I would probably enjoy it. Justin however, was persistent to get up there. So we made the 6 hour drive up to Superior.

It was a frigid sunny day, and I had brought just about every piece of clothing I had. I was determined that I was going to stay warm because I didn’t want to leave early. As we arrived, parking was backed up for miles with everyone trying to get one last look at the Sea Caves. It was a 3 mile hike out to the Caves from where we had parked and when we finally got there we were in awed by the beauty of the ice structures the lake had formed. The Sea Caves were rare, the last time they had formed was 5 year ago, and they had formed once again due to the harsh cold winter that we had this past year.

We had spent an hour or two admiring the caves and taking pictures when Justin found one that had an ice slide into it. The cave reminded me of a igloo from the outside. Of course Justin slid right into it ready to explore. Not long after he popped his head out and said "Hey you need to come down into this one and check it out!" Now being I needed to slide into this deep icy cave I said "No that’s ok I won’t be able pull myself out." Justin replied "You ARE going and I will pull you out if I need too." Smiling and laughing I gave him a look and slid down into the little ice cave. It was just like an igloo big enough for the two of us. Since we had to slide into the cave it was somewhat hidden and many people did not know it was there. As we are taking pictures and admiring it Justin pulls out a piece of paper from his back pocket and says here you need to read this. I was somewhat taken back and began to open the note. As I opened it I recognized the font and format it was a poem he had given me on our 2 year anniversary. He said "I changed a couple of things." I was in shock, my mind was racing trying to make sense of what was going on, did I miss a ½ anniversary? No Justin doesn’t do ½ anniversaries. As I began reading I saw that it indeed was the letter he gave me on our 2 year anniversary. All about reasons of why you should date a teacher. As I finally got to the bottom I read the 2nd to last line that said. "Date her, Marry her" and I froze as my mind was trying to comprehend what was happening thinking "Is this really happening." As it registered I quickly turned to Justin and there he was on one knee holding a gorgeous diamond ring! My mouth dropped to the floor and he asked "Will you marry me?" I couldn’t believe this was really happening, something I’ve always dreamed about, finally happening right before my eyes. As a huge smile came across my face I screamed "YES!"

We planning to get married June 6th up in Eagle River . We would like to thank Rummele’s Fine Jewelry of Manitowoc for their quality friendly service and their fantastic work of helping us find our gorgeous rings. They have made a huge impact on our love story! Thank you.

Tyler & Danyelle

While Tyler and Danyelle both attended Manitowoc Lutheran High, they did not officially become friends until baseball/softball season of Tyler’s senior year and Danyelle’s junior year in 2009. The two began to spend time together and soon enough became inseparable. That fall Tyler went to college as Danyelle finished her senior year at Lutheran High. Tyler made the trip back to Manitowoc on weekends and the distance only made their hearts grow fonder. After God had blessed them with 5 memorable years together, Tyler decided to pop the question where the couple first met, at Lutheran High. The moment they had been patiently waiting for had finally arrived. Tyler got down on one knee and asked Danyelle to marry him. She said, “Of course! Yes!” The two anxiously await summer of 2015; when surrounded by family and friends, they’ll become Mr. and Mrs.!

Our entire experience with Rummele’s Fine Jewelry of Manitowoc has been wonderful. We would like to thank them for their professional and personable customer service. Most of all, thank you for designing a ring that is an absolutely perfect symbol of our love for one another.

Stuart & Alexis

Alexis and Stuart met in Madison while Alexis was finishing her degree and Stuart was slowly making his way home before he left for the Navy. One of Alexis' roommates was sister to one of Stuart's best friends and groomsman Joe Maretti. They got to know each other in Madison but really started spending time with each other in Manitowoc. Stuart was home prior to leaving for the Navy and Alexis was home working for the summer. They exchanged letters and a few phone calls during boot camp. Stuart moved to San Diego and then Guam. Despite the distance everything was meant to be and they moved to San Diego in the winter of 2013. Alexis found a live in nanny position and Stuart was attached to the USS Freedom. San Diego was really the turning point in their relationship and allowed them to get to know each other without depending on their family or friends. It was a huge step having seen each other for 2 weeks at a time every 6 months over the previous 2.5 years but it was a natural move and everything fell into place!

The Proposal:

Alexis was flying home to drive out to Rhode Island with Stuart after he was selected for Naval Officer Candidate School. The ring selection happened while Stuart was in Singapore on deployment with the Freedom. Erin, Alexis' sister, was integral in helping Stuart select a ring back in Manitowoc while he was in Singapore! Alexis flew into in General Mitchell Airport and Stuart was waiting in the terminal. After a few tense moments of Alexis not really knowing what was happening (after a 12 hour red eye) she said yes.

Brad & Whitney

Our love story

Our love story began the 1st day we met in Jr. High. Everything we have been through and have accomplished up to now has led us to this big moment when Brad proposed to me.

When we were in Jr. High, we were instantly attracted to each other. Life just kept getting in the way. For one moment, we briefly dated while in high school. Then we both went our separate ways. Years went by and we began to bump into each other; so we started to talk and decided to meet each other for coffee. As we recalled the past and caught up on now, we found each other single again. The fireworks flew and all the feeling we had for each other came rushing back. We went on another date and we began dating again. True love was still there and our love story carried us away.

The proposal - Brad

One day I just knew I wanted to propose to Whitney. I went straight to Rummele’s and said, “Whitney likes round Halo’s.” To find out there was a whole case just for that style ring. I picked out multiple rings. Then I saw the perfect ring, I knew at that moment it was the one for Whitney. While I waited for the right time to propose I kept the ring locked in my truck. Many days, I took out the ring and just looked at it and thought to myself how happy Whitney makes me feel.

I was working on a project one day and I kept thinking about proposing to Whitney. I wanted to surprise her and decided I would propose today at her work. I called Whitney’s Boss and said, “I would like Whitney to start an IV on me so I can propose to her.” Her boss said, “Today?!” I said, “Today.” Whitney’s boss said she would get back to me. I received the call back and was asked to come in at 11:00am.

The proposal - Whitney

I was working at the hospital. My boss asked me to help her with a patient. I walked into the room and did not recognize the patient right away. Once Brad lowered the blanket covering his face, my heart dropped. I asked, “What happened?” Brad replied, “I have sickness of the heart and you are the only one that can cure it.” I was speechless. He then asked me to marry him. All I could say was YES and thank you. The best part of our proposal was when he asked me to marry him, his heart monitor alarm sounded because his heart rated sky rocketed! He must have been so excited and nervous.

I LOVE our engagement ring. It is so beautiful and unique. Brad did an amazing job surprising me and picking out the perfect ring. We are both very excited to spend the rest of our lives together!